Chad Dienhart

Software engineer and full stack web developer who enjoys making code and processes more efficient, learning new things, and finding solutions to challenging problems.


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Item Catalog Web App

Udacity Projects 5 - October 2015
  • Web app to allow a group of users to create a catalog of items including images
  • Anyone can view the catalog, but only registered users can add/modify their items
  • Built using Python, Flask, JavaScript, SQLAchemy, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, and Cloudinary
  • Configured a LAMP stack on an EC2 instance in project five to host the Item Catalog application
  • Try it out here
  • View the source on Github

Mute Commercial Android App

Personal project - January 2014
  • App to mute commercial audio, available on Google Play with 100+ installations
  • Has both an application and background service
  • The application allows you to set parameters, the service runs in the background so that you can mute commercials by flipping or shaking your phone.
  • It provides a notification with countdown timer
  • Built using Java, and Eclipse, completed the entire publishing process
  • See it on Google Play
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Conference Central - Implementing GAE APIs

Udacity Project 4 - August 2015
  • Added a Session entity and APIs to create, filter, add Sessions to a User's wishlist
  • Added queries to retrieve user wishlists, conferences by topic, and get the featured speaker
  • Built using Python, GAE
  • See it live
  • View the source on Github

Swiss Pairings Tournament Planner

Udacity Project 2 - April 2015
  • A database application that manages a swiss pairings tournament.
  • Functionality includes register and removal of players, recording match results, reporting standings, resetting matches, and generating a list of Swiss pairings
  • Built using Python, PostgreSQL
  • View the source on Github

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Asteroids remake

coursework for Rice University
  • A simple remake of the classic asteroids game (only works in Chrome)
  • Using sprites, vectors, and timers, to control updates and track all the objects, calculate collisions, and of course keep score.
  • Built using Python.
  • See the code. Press the play button to start, use the arrow keys to maneuver, and space bar to shoot


R&D Software Engineer - Keysight Technologies

November 2014 - Present

  • Working on WPF Windows application system level menus, security, and the full web stack, C#
  • Invented new browser based remote control using ASP.NET, HTML5, jQuery, and SignalR
  • Increased web accessibility of 7 product lines by 28% by creating text based instrument control via the browser (a huge upgrade from the prior DOS based solution), HTML5, jQuery, ASP.NET MVC

R&D Software Developer - Agilent Technologies

November 1999 - October 2014

    Signal Analyzer Division

  • Created build tools to increase efficiency, used by worldwide team of 50 developers, saving $300k/year
  • Developed a self installing Windows service, critical customer requirement, interacted with hardware, software, and manufacturing teams, C#, C++

    Signal Sources Division

  • Created 16 channel architecture, first ever reconfigurable digital fading platform, team of five, C#
  • Developed software to stream files from disk at 160MB/s uninterrupted for weeks, C#, C++
  • Developed an automated method to dynamically map FPGA control files into the software
  • Designed, created, and verified 802.11G Signal Studio Application
  • Developed WCDMA downlink firmware for signal generator

Software Developer - Simulation Tech & Applied Research

  • I was the first employee, grew to four employees in a year
  • Developed plugins to add functionality to AutoCAD and extract the underlying 3D model
  • Created materials database server using MFC, COM, and ODBC drivers


University of Wisconsin - Madison

Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering


Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree

Coursera classes